Making your switch to First Community Bank is easy!

Are you ready to switch to First Community Bank?  We understand the demands you have with your busy schedule and want to make the transition over to First Community Bank as seamless as possible. In order to keep you on a clear path towards "switching", we have included two easy steps to follow.

Step 1Tell us about yourself.

Step 2 –Tell us about your electronic entries.

Print out the letters in PDF format (Download PDF Icon Acrobat Reader) and mail them, or bring them by the bank, and we’ll be happy to mail them for you! Click here for an example letter.

Or, even easier, bring your information with you when you come to open your new First Community Bank account, and we will  help you complete the easy switch process!

**Note: During the Switch Kit process, you never submit your personal information to an unsecure source. The forms are used to create the letters that you can send by mail, but nothing is transmitted electronically. At no time in this process is your sensitive information at risk.

Just a few hints to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that you leave enough money in your old bank account to cover any outstanding checks or electronic entries.
  • Once all of your outstanding items have cleared your old account and your electronic items have started coming out of your new First Community Bank account, you will need to close your old bank account using the letter we have provided in the switch kit.
  • Remember, be sure to allow at least 10 days for any outstanding checks to clear before closing your old account.

Convenient Links

The following company links are provided to ease your transition over to First Community Bank. You may choose to follow the directions provided on each company's website or you may use our Automatic Switch Kit and mail it to the company.

Credit Cards Television/Cable
American Express
Master Card
Dish Network
WOW Cable & Internet
Phone/Wireless Utilities
US Cellular