First Community Bank makes many services available to our customers. Among them, First Community Bank offers:

"In Touch" Telephone Banking
Check Ordering
Foreign Currency Exchange
Travelers Cheques
American Express Gift Checks
Visa Gift Card
Night Depository

Safe Deposit Boxes
Notary Public
Direct Deposit
Medallion Signature Guaranty
Financial Calculators
Elan Credit Card Online Application


"In Touch" Telephone Banking Service

"In Touch" is:

  • Convenient - It's available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Fast - Making one phone call can complete transactions.
  • It's FREE - There is no cost to you for this service
  • The call is FREE - The toll free number can be used anywhere in the Continental United States
  • It's Safe - Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) assures you of security

To use "In Touch"

  • Dial 1-877-346-2265 and follow the prompts to set up your access, including selecting your PIN.
    (Click here for "Instructions")
  • Make sure to use "In Touch" at least once every 120 days.
  • For security purposes, if you do not use it at least once every 120 days, your account will become inactive and you will need to call the bank to reactivate your account.

With "In Touch" you can:

  • Check the balance on your accounts
  • Make transfers between accounts
  • Make loan payments
  • Verify deposits
  • See if a check has cleared your account
  • Check our competitive rates on loan and investment products

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Check Ordering

Simply click here and complete the form. Your checks will be mailed to you within 7-10 business days. Should you need to make any changes to the check order other than the style, design, or quantity we ask that you contact a customer service representative at or call a representative at 847-622-8800 during banking hours.

Personal Check Packaging
To meet changing Postal service requirements, the traditional mailing carton is being replaced with a new streamlined package.  This new package delivers the quality and security you expect – and inside the package, the easy-to-assemble flat box folds together to store checks.

Our supplier, Deluxe, worked proactively with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to develop this new package that meets new postal regulations and helps keep mailing costs to a minimum. With the USPS significantly raising rates for three-dimensional bulk mail packages, switching to a flat package is a more cost-effective solution.  The stringent new automated bulk mail requirements specify that packages must be:

  • Rigid enough to be processed through the postal system’s automated equipment
  • Flexible enough to securely fit in a variety of mail receptacles
  • No more than 3/4" thick

The new Deluxe check packaging meets these requirements.  

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Foreign Currency Exchange

For your foreign transaction needs, please contact a customer service representative at 847-622-8800 or send us an e-mail at

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Travelers Cheques

Traveler's Cheques For 1
Traveler's Cheques For 2
Fee is 1½ % of the total purchase

Cheques are insured in case they are lost or stolen.

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American Express Gift Checks

Birthdays, Graduations, Confirmations, Baptisms and other special events may leave you wondering what the perfect gift may be. First Community Bank offers American Express Gift Checks to help make your decision easy and fast. These "golden" checks come in denominations of $25, $50 and $100.

This check is just like an American Express Travelers Cheque. It can be used anywhere to make purchases. There is a fee of $2.50 per check.

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Visa Gift Card

First Community Bank offers Harland Clarke® Visa® Gift Cards. You choose the amount. The recipient chooses what to buy. They're welcome anywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted. Buy a gift card today!

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Night Depository

Our After Hours Depository (Night Depository), located in the window Drive Up lane at each location, provides a safe and convenient place to leave deposits, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Items you can leave in the Night Depository:

  • Straight Deposits (No cash back deposits)
  • Loan Payments
  • Check Order Forms

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Safe Deposit Boxes

Are your valuable items stored in a safe location, protected from loss by fire, flood or other natural disaster? If not, consider renting a Safe Deposit Box from First Community Bank. This is an inexpensive way to provide peace of mind for your valuable items. We offer a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs. At the time you open your Safe Deposit Box, you are provided with two (2) keys.

3X5   $ 25.00  
5X5   $ 30.00
3X10   $ 45.00
5X10   $ 60.00
10X10   $100.00
Key Deposit   None
Lost Key Fee   $ 25.00
Drilling Fee   $50.00 + costs

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Other services include the following:

  • Notary Public
  • Direct Deposit
  • Medallion Signature Guaranty (for bank customers only)
  • Financial Calculators

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Elan Credit Card Online Application

At First Community Bank, our industry leading credit card products offer competitive pricing combined with a full range of reward options- making it easy to select and apply for the card that meets your needs. Learn More or Apply Now.

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