Now Add Bill Payment to Your Online Banking Services
From First Community Bank!

Top 10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Bill Payment

  1. It’s a snap. If you’re comfortable using the Internet, you’ll find it easy to use bill payment.
  2. It’s fast. Once you’ve created your payee list, you’ll be able to pay a whole month’s bills in five minutes or less.
  3. It’s secure. We’ve got the latest technology to keep your information safe.
  4. No need for stamps or envelopes. Just point, click and send.
  5. Pay bills anywhere. Do your bills at home, from the office, or on the road. All you need is a computer and Internet access.
  6. Pay anyone. Send money to your cousin or vendor across the country.
  7. Get organized. You can view a history of bills paid (sorted by date, payment amount or who you paid).
  8. Pre-pay bills if you’re going to be gone. You pick the payment amount and the date you want it sent.
  9. Help is only a phone call away. We have friendly employees who can answer all your bill payment questions.
  10. You won’t want to live without it. After a month of paying bills online, you’ll never want to pay bills the old-fashioned way again.

You may already qualify for FREE Online Bill Payment. Just download the application and agreement forms. We will verify your intentions and the accounts involved, set-up access and provide you with instructional materials.

For more information stop in at the Randall Road or Tyler Creek office or call us at 847-622-8800. Join the ever-growing crowd who have made online banking a time-saving convenience in their busy lives.